Legislator Phone Script Template

Updated 12/21/2023

Use this email template to send to your local newspaper. Go onto Salesforce to find the email address or search for “Letters to the Editor” on the newspaper’s website.


RE: Making Our Local Businesses Recovery-Ready


Dear Editor,


I am the chapter lead for Young People in Recovery’s (Insert local chapter city).  Young People in Recovery is a peer-led organization supporting youth and young adults in recovery from substance use disorder.  Recently, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) released a free toolkit that businesses in communities like ours can use to help support the success of people in recovery on the job. As our country continues to deal with the long-term effects of the opioid crisis, promoting recovery-ready workplaces is more important than ever for both employers and employees. 


The impact of substance use disorder is far-reaching, impacting not only the individual but their families and our society as a whole. The Recovery-Ready Workplace Toolkit empowers employers to build recovery-supportive workplaces, improve retention and productivity, while also contributing to breaking down stigma.


Substance use disorder is a health issue rather than a moral failing. By promoting cultures of empathy and support in workplaces, we can break down barriers to seeking help; encourage more individuals to access the treatment and assistance they needa and help our local businesses become more successful. 


I encourage all employers in our community to download the ONDCP’s free toolkit to make their business recovery-ready! Visit here to learn more: