Legislator Phone Script Template

Updated 2/21/2024

Overview: Elected Official Phone Scripts


When calling your legislators to advocate for a particular issue, it’s essential to be clear, concise, and respectful. Here’s a script you can use as a guideline:

{Note: make sure to replace the placeholders in brackets with specific information related to your issue.}



  • Start with a polite greeting: “Good morning/afternoon, my name is {insert name} and I am a constituent from {Your City/Town}”

  • Follow this greeting by stating, “I am also a member of {Young People in Recovery}’s {Insert Chapter Name}, who is actively working on {Insert advocacy issue that your chapter is working on}

  • Briefly introduce the issue: “I am calling to express my strong support/opposition for {Insert issue/ Bill Name/Number} which is currently under consideration in {Legislative Chamber-City Council, County Commission, State House, State Senate}


      State Your Concerns: 

  • Explain why this issue is important to you: “This issue is crucial to our organization because {Briefly explain the impact or importance of the issue to YPR’s constituencies}

  • Provide specific details: “For example {Share a personal story or statistic that illustrates the issue for the legislator and their staff}


     Express Your Position:

  • Clearly state your position: “I urge {Legislator Name} to support/oppose {Issue or BIll Name} and take a stance that aligns with the interests and values of YPR and our community


     Acknowledge Their Role:

  • Recognize the Legislator’s role.  “I understand that you play a critical role in shaping our {city, county, state}’s policies, and I believe that supporting {Issue/Bill Name, Number} is in the best interests of your constituents.


    Request Action:

  • Ask for a specific action. “ I kindly request that {Legislator Name} co-sponsors or votes in favor/or against {Issue/Bill Name, Number} when it comes up for consideration.”


   Provide Additional Information:

  • Offer to provide additional information. “If you would like more information on the issue or would like to discuss it further, I would be happy to provide additional information.’


   Thank and Conclude:

  • Express Gratitude“Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter”

  • Confirm your intent to follow up.  “ I look forward to hearing about your support/opposition for {Issue/Bill Name, Number}

  • Say goodbye politely. “ Have a great day, and I appreciate your service to our community.”

Remember to be respectful and concise during the call, as legislators often have busy schedules.  You should always be prepared for possible questions or requests for more information.  Additionally, make a note of the legislator’s response and follow up if necessary.