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Updated 6/12/2023

All-Recovery Meetings

What are they? 

An All Recovery Meeting is a meeting any person in recovery, in addition to allies of those in recovery, can attend and find support at. An all recovery meeting was initiated at the first YPR National Leadership Conference in 2014. A group of leaders from multiple pathways of recovery wanted a support meeting that was all-inclusive. YPR then established a format which is used in communities across the country to support people from all pathways of recovery, including their allies. 

Why do we do them? 

It is important to have a space where everyone feels accepted and supported. This is a space where everyone, no matter what pathway, can come and lean on one another for support, empowerment, and compassion. Some pathways offer supportive mutual aid groups, and some do not offer a social component. This is especially important for young adults and people who are initiating the recovery journey. 

How do you do them? 

Follow this sample guideline: 

  1. Find a meeting location that will allow you to meet once a week. Avoid any spaces that require rent; libraries are a great first option. Additionally, try to leverage your networks to find free or inexpensive locations. YPR recognizes that it is important to gain a following by being consistent and hosting on a regular basis. 
  2. Use your group on Facebook to make a recurring event page. This will help reach members and supporters in your community. Make fliers and use other types of marketing on social media to get the word out as well. Make sure to invite people to your event and ask them to invite people who may want to attend. 
  3. Use the template meeting format provided in YPR Connect and pick from various topics to share with the group. This group is intended to be all inclusive and encompass the many pathways, those who are allies, as well as people who are just looking for support. 
  4. Remember to encourage your members to sign up to RCI.

RCI Action Steps:

 Where do they get the phone number and their dedicated chapter keyword? 

5.. Always make sure you are capturing the event data by submitting your event to YPR Community. Don’t remember how to access your YPR Community? Here’s a helpful guide

Here are a few examples you can use to build from: 

  • Share personal experience 
  • Healthy relationships 
  • Readings from self-empowerment, meditation, or philosophical books/articles ● Methods of self-care 
  • Harm reduction strategies