Data Collection

Updated 10/11/2023

RCI use at EPIC Sites

To meet grant reporting requirements, program site participants must take the RCI survey at their first module facilitation and monthly. For participants who do not have access to a cell phone, a profile can be created for them on the Gloo platform. The participant can then use a laptop or tablet made available by the chapter lead or fill out a printed form, and the chapter lead can submit the information later. 

Option 1- Participants with a cell phone

  • Participants with cell phones will text in with your EPIC site keyword at each session.
  • Remind the participant to take the RCI survey at their first session and monthly by texting “check68” to the RCI number.
  • Demographic information must be manually added to their profile.
    • Reference the  “Participant Data Form” below for data that needs to be collected, or print it for the participant to fill out.


Option 2- Laptop or tablet and wifi is available at the program site

  • If there is a device available at the location for the participant to use, create a profile with the participant using the steps below.
  • Let the participant use the device to take the RCI survey. 


Option 3- Participant does not have a cell phone and there is not a tablet or laptop available at the program site. 

  • If there is no wifi, device, or cell service available, print the form and enter the participant information after the event.


Use the links below to access forms and tutorials for thorough program data collection.

Creating a Participant Profile: When a participant does not have a cellphone, a participant profile must be created manually. Follow this tutorial. 

Printed Data Form: Ask the participant to fill out this form. Use the information to create the participant profile on the Gloo platform. 

Printed RCI Survey: Program participants must complete the RCI survey monthly. Print the RCI survey for them to complete then enter the information at a later time. 

Program Participant Check-ins: Program participants should check in at every facilitation event. This allows for accurate reporting of unique individuals served. If participants do not have a cell phone, print this form and have participants check in on paper.