Chapter Resources - All-Recovery Meeting Format

Updated 9/27/2023


Welcome to the Young People in Recovery – __________ Chapter all-recovery meeting. This meeting is open to all who have experienced addiction, are affected by addiction, or support the recovery lifestyle. We meet every (day of the week) at (time). If you have your phone, please take a moment to put it on vibrate or silent.


YPR chapters engage people in or seeking recovery and their allies in communities across the country to take a stand for recovery. If you have any questions about YPR or the ________  Chapter, please see a chapter member after the meeting. (Ask for chapter members to raise their hands).  


We’ll pause for a moment to allow everyone to check in to this meeting. Please get out your phones and text (CHAPTER SPECIFIC ARM KEYWORD) to 844-779-6749. This is how you check in to this meeting and stay connected to YPR events. Additionally, this will allow you to start tracking your recovery capital to get an overall picture of the progress you’re making in various areas of your life along your recovery journey. Please see me after the meeting for more information about the recovery capital index.  We will pause now to give everyone a moment to complete that. (Pause for 10-20 seconds)


As our name suggests, an all-recovery meeting supports all pathways of recovery. With that said, this meeting is not directly affiliated with any other recovery program. We are not here to replace anybody’s existing program or pathway but rather to enhance it and give us the chance to come together for support. You don’t have to be a young person to join us – all are welcome here! 


In addition, we would like for everyone to feel safe and know this is a safe space to discuss your personal experiences. If you feel unsafe at any time, please speak to the facilitator or any of the chapter members. We ask all participants to keep what they hear in this meeting private to protect individuals who attend.


Let’s begin with a moment of silence to remember why we’re here. 

(After a moment of silence) Thank you.