Chapter Resources - Landing Page Development

Updated 6/12/2023

Landing Page Development

Young People in Recovery (YPR) is more than just an organization; it’s a thriving community devoted to providing a welcoming, caring, respectful, and inclusive environment to individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorder, as well as their allies. We work diligently to create spaces that empower our members to grow, heal, and thrive. As we strive to meet everyone where they are in their recovery journeys, our chapter location pages are invaluable.

The chapter location pages ( are the digital front doors to our diverse and vibrant YPR community. They offer an opportunity for each chapter to shine, showcasing what makes each location unique and inviting. Visitors to these pages can get a glimpse into the experiences, activities, and community resources that each chapter offers. They serve as an introduction for newcomers and a hub for current members, with the potential to not only support ongoing recovery, but also to draw in individuals who may be seeking a safe, supportive community.

Keeping these location pages updated and dynamic is essential. They should reflect our continuous commitment to the YPR values and our dedication to the individuals we serve. An up-to-date page is more likely to engage visitors, foster connections, and provide necessary resources, all of which directly contribute to our mission.

To update your location page, visit the Chapter Landing Page ( Here, you will find the tools you need to edit your page’s content. When updating, remember to highlight what makes your chapter unique. Consider what resources might be beneficial for participants and ensure they are listed in the community resource mapping section. This list will be readily accessible on the website, providing critical information to those who need it most. Remember, it’s all-encompassing – you can never have too many resources listed.

With your help, we can ensure that our chapter location pages are as vibrant, dynamic, and supportive as the YPR community itself. Thank you for your continued dedication to our shared mission.