Chapter Resources - Pro Social Ideas

Updated 6/12/2023

Outdoor Movie Night

Organize a movie screening in a local park or open space. Coordinate with local authorities for permits and arrange for a projector, screen, and seating. Encourage participants to bring their own blankets and snacks.


Art Workshop 

Collaborate with local artists to conduct an art workshop. Secure a venue with adequate art supplies and arrange for an experienced facilitator to guide participants through the creative process.


Hiking Excursion

Plan a guided hiking trip in a nearby nature reserve or hiking trail. Research suitable trails, ensure safety measures, and provide participants with information about required equipment, appropriate clothing, and potential hazards.


Volunteer at a Community Garden 

Partner with a local community garden to organize a volunteer day. Coordinate with the garden organizers to determine tasks, provide necessary tools, and ensure proper safety protocols.


Beach Cleanup

Arrange a beach cleanup event in collaboration with local environmental organizations. Obtain permission from relevant authorities, provide participants with garbage bags and gloves, and coordinate with waste management services for disposal.


Cooking Class

Host a cooking class focused on healthy and nutritious meals. Secure a kitchen space, recruit a chef or cooking instructor, and gather the necessary ingredients and equipment. Ensure the event accommodates participants with dietary restrictions or allergies.


Yoga or Meditation Workshop

 Arrange a yoga or meditation workshop led by a certified instructor. Secure a suitable venue, provide mats and props if necessary, and promote a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for participants.


Board Game Night

Organize a board game night at a local community center or a rented venue. Collect a variety of board games, ensure enough seating and tables, and encourage participants to bring their favorite games to share.

DIY Crafts Workshop 

Set up a do-it-yourself crafts workshop, such as jewelry making or candle making. Secure a location with ample workspace and gather the necessary materials and tools for participants to create their own unique crafts.


Sports Tournament

 Plan a sports tournament, such as basketball, soccer, or volleyball. Reserve a suitable sports facility or field, establish rules and regulations, and organize teams or individual registrations. Arrange for referees if needed.


Photography Walk 

Arrange a photography walk in a picturesque location. Encourage participants to bring their cameras or smartphones, provide guidance on composition and technique, and conclude the event with a photo sharing session.


Nature Conservation Workshop

 Collaborate with environmental organizations to host a workshop on nature conservation and sustainable living. Arrange for a knowledgeable speaker, secure an appropriate venue, and promote active participation and discussions.


Comedy Night

Organize a comedy night featuring local comedians. Secure a venue with a stage and seating, promote the event to attract an audience, and ensure a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for the performers.


Team Building Activities

 Plan team building activities, such as rope courses or escape rooms, to foster camaraderie and trust among participants. Research and book a suitable venue, ensure safety measures are in place, and provide necessary instructions.


Potluck Dinner

 Host a potluck dinner where participants bring dishes to share. Secure a venue with kitchen facilities or coordinate with a local community center. Create a sign-up sheet to ensure a diverse range of dishes and avoid any potential allergens.


Poetry Slam 

Organize a poetry slam event where participants can showcase their spoken word or poetry performances. Secure a venue with a stage and microphone, establish guidelines for participation, and encourage a supportive and respectful atmosphere.


Creative Writing Workshop 

Arrange a creative writing workshop facilitated by a professional writer or poet. Secure a quiet and conducive venue, provide writing materials, and encourage participants to share and provide feedback on each other’s work.


Community Walk for a Cause 

Plan a community walk to raise awareness for a particular cause or charity. Identify a suitable route, obtain permits if necessary, and promote the event to attract participants and potential sponsors.


Music Jam Session

Host a music jam session for musicians and singers. Secure a venue with suitable acoustics, provide basic instruments and microphones, and encourage participants to bring their own instruments to join in the collaboration.


Film Screening and Discussion 

Organize a film screening followed by a discussion on relevant topics or themes. Secure a venue with audiovisual equipment, select a thought-provoking film, and facilitate an inclusive discussion among participants.


Team Sports Day

Plan a day of various team sports activities, including soccer, relay races, and tug-of-war. Secure a venue with adequate space for multiple activities, ensure necessary sports equipment is available, and promote friendly competition.


Self-Defense Workshop

 Arrange a self-defense workshop led by trained instructors. Secure a suitable venue, ensure participant safety, and provide information on basic self-defense techniques and personal safety strategies.


Mindfulness and Stress Management Workshop

 Host a workshop on mindfulness and stress management techniques. Secure a calm and comfortable venue, invite an experienced mindfulness practitioner, and provide resources for participants to practice at home.


Cultural Festival

Organize a cultural festival celebrating the diversity of the community. Collaborate with local cultural groups, secure a venue with performance spaces and booths, and coordinate various activities, performances, and traditional food vendors.


Photography Exhibition

Host a photography exhibition featuring the works of local photographers, including participants from the community. Secure a suitable gallery or venue, promote the event, and organize a reception to showcase the photographs.


Environmental Education Session

Invite environmental experts to deliver educational sessions on sustainable living and climate change. Secure a venue with appropriate seating and audiovisual equipment, and encourage active participation and discussion.


Poetry Writing Contest

Launch a poetry writing contest for participants to showcase their creative writing skills. Plan an event for the author to read their submissions. 


Book Club

Start a book club focused on recovery-related literature or personal development. Choose a meeting place, select books for each session, and establish a schedule for discussions. Encourage participants to share their insights and personal experiences.

Outdoor Adventure Day

Plan a day of outdoor adventure activities such as zip-lining, rock climbing, or kayaking. Research and book a reputable adventure sports company, ensure safety protocols are in place, and provide participants with any necessary equipment or instructions.


Talent Show

Organize a talent show where participants can showcase their unique talents, such as singing, dancing, or performing magic tricks. Secure a venue with a stage and seating, coordinate with local performers, and establish guidelines for participation.


Historical Walking Tour

 Plan a historical walking tour of significant landmarks or neighborhoods in the community. Research the history of the area, prepare a detailed route map, and provide participants with information about each location along the tour.


DIY Home Gardening Workshop

Host a workshop on home gardening and plant care. Secure a venue with adequate space for demonstrations, provide gardening supplies and plants, and offer guidance on creating and maintaining a successful home garden.


Open Mic Night

Arrange an open mic night where participants can perform spoken word, music, or stand-up comedy. Secure a venue with a stage and audio equipment, establish a sign-up system for performers, and create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.


Cooking Competition 

Organize a cooking competition where participants can showcase their culinary skills. Secure a kitchen space with multiple cooking stations, provide ingredients and necessary tools, and select judges or create a voting system for the winners.


Beach Volleyball Tournament

Plan a beach volleyball tournament on a local beach or sand court. Research and book a suitable location, establish teams or individual registrations, and arrange for referees or scorekeepers.


Dance Workshop

 Host a dance workshop featuring various dance styles, such as hip-hop, salsa, or contemporary. Secure a suitable venue with a dance floor, provide experienced instructors, and encourage participants of all skill levels to join.


Mindful Walking Meditation

Plan a mindful walking meditation session in a peaceful natural setting. Research suitable walking trails, provide guidance on mindful walking techniques, and facilitate group discussions or reflection periods during breaks.


Improv Comedy Workshop

Arrange an improv comedy workshop led by experienced improvisers. Secure a venue with a stage or open space, provide guidelines for participation, and create a supportive and playful environment for participants to explore their creativity.

Mocktail Mixing Class

Host a mocktail mixing class where participants can learn to create delicious and alcohol-free drinks. Secure a venue with a bar or kitchen space, provide ingredients and mixing tools, and encourage participants to taste and share their creations.


DIY Natural Beauty Product Workshop

Host a workshop on creating natural and chemical-free beauty products. Secure a venue with adequate workspace, provide ingredients and containers, and guide participants in making their own skincare or haircare products.


Escape Room Challenge 

Plan an escape room challenge where participants work together to solve puzzles and escape a themed room. Research and book a reputable escape room facility, establish teams or individual registrations, and ensure safety measures are in place.


Guided Bicycle Tour 

Plan a guided bicycle tour exploring scenic routes or significant landmarks in the area. Research and map out a safe and enjoyable route, ensure participants have appropriate bicycles and safety gear, and provide information about the locations visited.


Music Therapy Session: Collaborate with a music therapist to host a music therapy session. Secure a suitable venue, provide musical instruments or props, and create a safe and supportive space for participants to explore their emotions and express themselves through music.


Comedy Improv Show

 Organize a comedy improv show featuring a local comedy troupe or improvisers. Secure a venue with a stage and seating, promote the event to attract an audience, and ensure a lively and entertaining atmosphere.


Group Fitness Class

Plan a group fitness class, such as yoga, Zumba, or aerobics. Secure a venue with adequate space, provide necessary equipment or mats, and hire a certified instructor to lead the session.


Geocaching Adventure

Organize a geocaching adventure where participants use GPS coordinates to find hidden treasures or clues. Research suitable geocache locations, provide participants with GPS devices or smartphone apps, and encourage teamwork and problem-solving.


Cultural Cooking Class

Host a cultural cooking class where participants can learn to prepare dishes from different cuisines. Secure a venue with a kitchen space, invite cooks from various cultural backgrounds, and provide participants with recipes and ingredients.


DIY Upcycling Workshop 

Arrange a workshop on upcycling and repurposing materials to create new and useful items. Secure a suitable venue with workspace, provide tools and materials, and encourage participants to bring old or unused items to transform

Outdoor Adventure Photography Workshop 

Host a photography workshop focused on capturing outdoor adventures and nature. Secure a suitable venue with nearby natural landscapes, provide guidance on photography techniques, and facilitate group discussions and feedback sessions.


Guided Meditation 

Arrange a guided meditation workshop led by an experienced meditation teacher. Secure a venue with a calm and peaceful ambiance, provide cushions or chairs for participants, and guide them through different meditation practices.


Group Drumming Circle 

Host a group drumming circle where participants can engage in rhythmic expression and music therapy. Secure a suitable venue with enough drums or percussion instruments, provide guidance on drumming techniques, and create a collaborative and inclusive environment.


Environmental Cleanup Challenge 

Organize an environmental cleanup challenge where participants compete to collect the most trash from a designated area. Research suitable locations, provide gloves, trash bags, and safety instructions, and award prizes to the most successful participants or teams.


Creative Dance Workshop

Plan a creative dance workshop where participants can explore movement, expression, and improvisation. Secure a venue with adequate space, provide guidance from experienced dancers, and create a supportive environment for participants of all skill levels.


Meditation and Nature Walk

Combine meditation and nature by organizing a guided meditation and nature walk session. Research scenic walking trails, provide instructions for meditation in nature, and encourage participants to connect with their surroundings.


Book Exchange

Plan a book exchange where participants can trade their already read books for a new book to love. Find an organization to donate any remaining books. 


Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp 

Organize an outdoor fitness bootcamp session combining cardio, strength training, and bodyweight exercises. Research suitable outdoor locations, ensure participants have proper workout attire and equipment, and hire a certified fitness instructor.


Dance Fitness Party 

Organize a dance fitness party featuring various dance styles and upbeat music. Secure a venue with a dance floor and audio equipment, hire energetic dance instructors or fitness trainers, and create a fun and inclusive atmosphere.


Beach Cleanup and Picnic 

Combine environmental action with community bonding by organizing a beach cleanup followed by a picnic. Coordinate with local authorities or environmental organizations, provide cleanup supplies and safety instructions, and encourage participants to bring food and enjoy a picnic afterward.


DIY Terrarium Workshop 

Arrange a workshop on creating and maintaining terrariums, miniature ecosystems in glass containers. Secure a venue with adequate workspace, provide containers, plants, and decorative materials, and guide participants in designing and building their own terrariums.


Group Painting Session

Host a group painting session where participants can engage in a collaborative art project. Secure a suitable venue with easels and painting supplies, provide a theme or concept for the painting, and encourage participants to contribute their artistic skills.

DIY Herb Garden Workshop 

Arrange a workshop on creating and maintaining a herb garden. Secure a venue with adequate space for gardening demonstrations, provide seeds, pots, and soil, and offer guidance on selecting and caring for herbs.

Community Art Project

Initiate a community art project where participants collaborate to create a large-scale mural, sculpture, or installation. Secure a suitable public space or collaborate with local businesses or organizations, provide art materials, and coordinate the project timeline and execution.

Virtual Game Night 

Plan a virtual game night using online platforms that offer multiplayer games or virtual board games. Coordinate the event time and communication channels, provide instructions on joining the games, and encourage friendly competition and interaction among participants.

DIY Jewelry Making Workshop 

Arrange a workshop on jewelry making, where participants can create their own unique jewelry pieces. Secure a venue with adequate workspace, provide a variety of beads, wires, and tools, and offer guidance on different jewelry making techniques.

Gratitude and Vision Board Workshop

Host a workshop where participants can reflect on their goals and express gratitude by creating vision boards. Secure a suitable venue with workspace, provide art supplies, magazines, and scissors, and guide participants in selecting images and words that represent their aspirations and gratitude.


Remember to adapt and tailor these ideas to the resources, interests, and preferences of your chapter. Good luck with planning your pro-social events!

Bonfire concerts (prosocial/fundraiser combination) 

Historically have been the biggest fundraisers and attendance with nearly 400 people, we get several artists from the recovery community to volunteer their time and play a set with lights, professional audio equipment and have a $5 suggested donation upon entry at a table set up strategically right as people walk in. Each person who donates gets a glow in the dark wristband and the dark forest illuminates for an awesome vibe.

narcan training , music & mocktails & feeding the community