YPR Chapter Grant Application Steps

Updated 12/21/2023

Grant Pre-Application Steps

This guide will provide a walkthrough of the steps that need to be taken in order to apply for a Grant for your Chapter! 

You must 

1) Become eligible to gain access to the system, 

2) Schedule a time(s) to research for grants using YPR’s GrantWatch account, 

3) complete the Grant Request Pre-Application (once you locate a grant)

4) Apply for the grant (upon approval)! 


1. Become Eligible to Gain Access to GrantWatch

Firstly, GrantWatch is an organization/website that allows users to search for, access, and share grant opportunities. Through a subscription, all information about a posted grant can be viewed, including requirements to obtain the grant, the application process, contact information for the funder, etc. 


In order to gain access to YPR’s GrantWatch account and apply for grants, you must first complete the Eligibility Checklist. This includes:

  • Attend or watch recordings of all three Grant Writing Sessions hosted by Ann

  • Reviewing these documents


Templates for Grant Writing & Budgets

Budget Writing tutorial 

Grant Narrative Writing tutorial

2. Schedule a time to access GrantWatch:

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you will be allowed to set up time to access GrantWatch. To confirm your eligibility, send a Slack to Jessica Elgin requesting the login username and password. 


YPR team members can schedule hour blocks to access and use GrantWatch by signing up via Calendly. Because only one user can be logged into the account at a given time, if you go beyond your designated time block, you may be logged out by a subsequent user. 


  1. You will be asked to include your name and email address before finalizing by clicking Schedule Event.


  1. Once finalized, you will receive a calendar invite through your email with the website URL and login information.


  1. At the scheduled time, log in using the username/email address provided at

GrantWatch Reminders/FAQ’s:

Reminder 1: Only one user can be logged in at a time. Please be mindful of your scheduled time, and please respect the schedule!


Reminder 2: This login is for YPR Team Members ONLY. Please do not share it with others outside the organization.


Q: Once I’m logged in, how do I search for Grants?

A: Click “Search for a Grant” and use filters to filter grants by interest area (substance use), type of funding, and State. Refer to Grant Writing Session 3 for additional information.


3. Grant Request Pre-Application

Once a grant has been located that you are interested in applying for, you will be asked to complete the Grant Request Pre-Application found at 


Note #1: Only YPR Staff and Volunteer Chapter leads can submit this form. If you are not a Chapter Lead but have a grant you want to be considered, please connect with your Chapter Lead directly to get this step completed.


Note #2: Grant Requests in which the applications or LOI’s are due within less than 30 days will automatically be rejected, as we need at least a month’s notice to get all documents prepared for submission. 


Once submitted, the form will be forwarded to the Programs Team, who will follow up directly regarding the next steps.


4. Apply!

The Program Team will follow up with you after the Grant Request Pre-Application form is submitted with any follow-up questions, concerns, requests for additional information, etc.


Once all necessary information has been compiled, the team will reach out with a decision on whether or not to approve your request to apply for the grant. Once approved, you can begin!


You will have a 1:1 call to go over application questions,  but 97% of the necessary information can be found in the YPR Grant Writing Folder, so please make sure to read the materials thoroughly. 


Once you have completed the Grant Application, you MUST send all documents to the Program Team; the application materials will be submitted for you.